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The e/Gathering is where we work to make sure that you can be involved in the body of Christ at anytime and place. This congregation will be delivering the Gospel and Christ’s Community through social media and the web.  We will deliver something active and viable for those who are not up to sitting with or being a part of the body at Church. This will also be a resource for our current community to stay connected in new ways.  

The Journey

Welcome to the Journey—A sacred process of spiritual formation Spiritual formation - the journey of being shaped into the likeness of Jesus Christ for the sake of others.


Sunday gatherings help people of all ages discover a meaningful relationship with Christ and grow in spiritual development. This is a time for the broader church family to gather together around the preaching of the word, the eucharist of Christ's body and blood, giving of resources to the life of the church body, and communal celebration of who God is and what He is doing in our lives.

SouthSide Naz Youth

Helping youth build relationships at Home, Church, Work, and School .... By building a relationship with God.


Kidztown is much more than just childcare during our Sunday gatherings. We believe children are an integral part of our church body and we are committed to coming alongside parents in the raising of them. Our goal is to see kids come to know who Christ is, experience how He works in their life, and integrate them as important and valuable members in the life of the church.

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  • Intersection the Big Idea by Jane Miller

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    As I’ve read this weeks verses over and over, I’m reminded of something life changing… We are given choices to make and they truly are our own to make. We can choose to accept the love and forgiveness of our Father in heaven, or we can continue to stumble along on our own. So many […]

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  • Grow in Wisdom by Jane Miller

    Categories: Devotions Tags:

    Psalm 90:12-17 “Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.” Psalm 90:12 Recently, I’ve noticed pictures posted on Facebook of children and friends. These friends are the same age as my own children. How did this happen? I’m surely not old enough for this! However, yes I am. […]

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  • Forgiveness by Jane Miller

    Categories: Devotions Tags:

    Amos 5:6-7, 10-15 Have you ever felt too far gone? Too far gone for your friends to accept you, too far gone for your boss to keep you… too far gone for God to love you. When my children were still home I taught and also worked at a shoe store. The store had two […]

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