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Ministry Safe

Our Ministry Safe program for children & teenagers begins this Wednesday, May 30 at 7 pm.

For the details, please read this letter from Rev. Cortney Combs.


Dear Parents, Grandparents, Foster Parents, Teachers, Volunteers,

The Church of the Nazarene has developed a program called Nazarene Safe to raise abuse awareness and provide resources that help us protect minors and prevent sexual misconduct in the church. Muncie Southside Church of the Nazarene has used this program to establish safe procedures, perform background checks, and train adult staff and volunteers. The pastoral staff of Muncie Southside has invited me to take another step to help protect your children. This next step is an attempt to equip your children with the knowledge that will give them the confidence to say no when they feel uncomfortable or sense that a relationship or behavior is inappropriate. Below you will see an outline of the plan that we have to empower your children to be their own best advocate and protector.

Wednesday, May 30th: “God Speaks to Children” (a Bible lesson for children)

  • 1 Samuel 3 – God spoke to Samuel as a child
  • Memory Verse – Psalm 85:8 “I listen carefully to what God the Lord is saying, for he speaks peace to his faithful people.”
  • A lesson in learning to recognize the Holy Spirit and respond to His promptings.

Wednesday, June 6th: “Listening to Your Inner Voice” (a safety lesson for children)

  • John 10 – Jesus is the Good Shepherd and We are His Sheep.
  • Memory Verse – John 10:27 “ My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”
  • Your Inner voice is actually God’s voice! References to week one’s lesson will be used to help kids know to trust the Holy Spirit’s prompting if they don’t feel “okay” Not So.
  • Stranger Danger – sometimes people we know make bad choices too.
  • Rule of 3 – choosing not to be alone with only 1 other person is a good way to stay safe; this is a rule for church camp.
  • Time to Tattletale – If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, talk to an adult who will listen and protect you.
  • You’re the Boss – Your body, your mind, and your feelings are a gift from God. They are yours to protect and yours to share. Example: If someone asks for a hug and you don’t want to share a hug, you can offer a fist bump or high five instead. It’s also okay to say, “No thank you” and offer nothing.

Wednesday, June 13th: “PTA” Gathering (Parent, Teacher, Awareness)

  • Parents, Teachers, and Volunteers gather to discuss church policies, procedures, and safe practices.
  • I will share anything that I learned from the children that will help you.
  • We will discuss finding a good balance between a loving church and a safe church.

I invite you to contact me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Each Wednesday class begins at 7:00 p.m. We welcome your family to join us in this effort to keep our children safe!

Rev. Cortney S. Coombs

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