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Is it time to get Baptized?

Grace + Peace,
We are having a Baptism Celebration on Sunday, July 1 during our morning worship service.  Is it time for you to get baptized?  Is God leading you to make this commitment?  Do you have questions about baptism?  Read the following and let me know!
The Meaning of Baptism…
Baptism is very important in the Christian’s life. Jesus was baptized as an example to us and called us to follow him in being baptized. In fact, he commanded it (see Matthew 28:16-20). Here are some of the Biblical reason why this step is so important:
  1. It is a public witness to others that says, “ I love God and always want him in my life”, which God uses to encourage others to take their own step of faith;
  2. Being covered in the water symbolizes Jesus’ being covered in the grave – it reminds us we are spiritually dead without Christ;
  3. Being raised up out of the water, symbolizes Jesus being raised from the dead – this reminds us that in Christ we have a new life that lasts now and forever;
  4. In baptism, God extends his grace to us to assure us of and to seal our faith;
  5. Baptism signifies that the Holy Spirit is at work in our life;
  6. Baptism is the covenant formed with the Body of Christ (the Church) all over the world.
Modes of Baptism…
We offer three ways to be baptized:
  1. Immersion: This is the most symbolic form as one is totally immersed int eh water and reminds us of being buried and raised with Christ.
  2. Sprinkling (water is sprinkled on your head): This symbolizes the cleansing of sin. In the Old Testament, they would sprinkle the blood of a sacrificed animal to represent God’s cleansing work.
  3. Pouring (water is poured over you): This symbolizes the outpouring of the Holy Spirit who is received by every believer. The Holy Spirit is God with us in a personal way.
How to Prepare…
Let Pastor Paul know by Wednesday, June 27. Those being baptized will write out in a paragraph or so what God is doing in your life or why you want God and the church as a part of your life. Then select someone you love and respect to read it to the congregation right before you are baptized.

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