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Summer Fun at SouthSide!

Hey, it’s Pastor Paul.
Grace + Peace!  I hope you are having a great summer so far.  Maybe have a weekend getaway or family vacation planned. We just got back from a great vacation to Utah.
I love summer vacations – but you don’t have to do an elaborate trip to enjoy some time with your family and friends. I was searching for things to do with my family this summer and came across a ton of great articles and ideas.
Here are four of my favorite ideas:
  1. Family Game night. Each person picks a classic board game and plays as a family.  You can print up funny certificates for the winners.
  2. Around the World theme weeks. Each week, pick a country and learn a little about it. Put the flag on your fridge. Cook a meal that comes from that part of the world. Pray for a missionary there.
  3. Disposable Camera project. In a world of iPhones and Instagram, you might be surprised they still sell these film cameras. But they do. Give one to each family member and give them an assignment.  Develop in an hour and let everyone share during dinner on Sunday night.
  4. Visit the library. Yep, the library. In addition to books and films, you might also enjoy story time or some of their special activities.


Our church also has some big activities planned for you and your family this summer.  Check out those details below:
  • Wednesday – Wacky Wednesdays for Kidztown begin this week at 7 pm, And for adults, Intersections and “Surprised by Hope!”
  • Saturday, June 30 is Nerf Wars for teens (and adults who feel like teenagers). Check out the event on the SouthSide Nazarene Youth Ministry page!
  • Sunday, July 1 we start our new sermon series called BLESS! We are also having a baptism service THIS WEEK!
  • Pastor Rachel Campbell‘s first Sunday is this week!
  • And don’t forget – Serve Muncie Sunday is July 29th! Don’t have a project yet? There are lots choose from! See Michelle Michelle Ann DiPego for more information.
Pastor Paul
P.S. If we can serve you or your family at all this summer, please let us know.

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