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Jesus – the Light of the World by Jane Miller

As Jesus was teaching, he told the crowd, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.” This raises a few questions for me. If I follow Jesus will I automatically walk in light? Will I always know right from wrong? Will I always be able to make a decision easily and quickly? The quick answer to those questions is, no! However, let’s explore them.

Have you ever been lost in the dark? I remember arriving in Colorado Springs late in the day. My niece and I got the rental car and were headed to our hotel. Well… that’s what we thought. However, we couldn’t find our way out to the main roads. The road did not have any lights and we didn’t have a clue about which way to turn. As you’ve probably guessed, we turned the wrong way into what seemed to be the wilderness!

My life has been that way at times. I would think I had just the right answer to a problem, only to find out it ended in darkness. In those times I forgot the most important part of my life, Jesus! When I gave my heart to Jesus, he promised to always go with me. Although, that is dependent upon my listening and following His lead. I have never had more wonderful days than those where I let Jesus lead the way.

Many of you know my life has had its challenges. Sometimes by my choices and sometimes by the choices of others. The one constant though is Jesus. He has been a light. He has shown me the right decisions to make. When I have done this, miraculous results have followed.

Our responsibility as Paul told the Ephesian church is, “…live as people of the light.” Daily, ask God what pleases Him? What choices do I need to make? Depend upon Him and He will never leave you in darkness.

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