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The Leadership Collective is this Saturday!

Our Leadership Collective is this Saturday, August 18 at SouthSide Nazarene Church Muncie.

Everyone is welcome!

– 9 am – Opening Session
– 9:20-10:15 Seminar 1
– 10:20-11:15 Seminar 2
– 11:20-12:15 Team Meetings
– 12:15-12:30 Closing Session

We have 8 seminars being offered. Each seminar will be taught twice so you can take attend 2 different seminars.

1. TEACHING CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: Teaching children can be challenging. Teaching children with special needs can be overwhelming and sometimes scary. We will be hearing from two community teachers and parents of special needs kids about some of the most common fears, challenges and rewards we face in today’s church classrooms

2. NURSING HOME MINISTRY: How do you start a nursing home Bible study? There are some rules that will surprise you!! Charlotte McKnight, Elaine Newton and I started a Bible Study without knowing any of these guidelines and rules. Thankfully Liberty Village was willing to work with us. We have all learned together. Many nursing home residents have no visitors from the outside and they are hungry for fellowship and unconditional love!! If you want to be a blessing to these precious seniors and get a blessing in return, join us as we discuss this ministry!

3. FOR COMMUNION SERVERS: Communion is a sacrament instituted by Christ which proclaims His life, His sufferings, His sacrificial death, and resurrection, and the hope of His coming again. As worshipers who offer the bread and the cup to family and friends, it is important to treat this moment with the sanctity it deserves. This seminar will teach you what to say, how to serve, and how to use the sacred moment at the Table to bless others, and be blessed yourself.

4. GREETERS & HOSPITALITY: Do you think our church is a welcoming church? Come to this session and let’s find out. Most churches believe they are welcoming. But let’s look from a visitors eyes to see if we really are or not. It might surprise you. We are the first impression of the church, let’s make it count. I’m going to help us answer this question and what things we should be doing and avoiding.

5. LEADING WORSHIP: Examples and Challenges in Scripture–Ministry of music and the leading of God’s people in worship has been a sacred task throughout the history of God’s covenant, and we can see its significance in the pages of our Bibles. What were the qualifications, the gifts and growth areas, the defining characteristics of the people God chose to lead worship? Join us as we walk through worship as it is discussed in the Old and New Testaments, and explore together what it means to take on this sacred task today.

6. TECH TEAM:  Kevin Hileman, our Director of Technology, will be presenting a seminar focused on the how the on screen presentations and sound are done during our services in Children’s Church and in the Sanctuary. This will specifically cover how to operate the ‘EasyWorship’ and sound in the kid’s area.
Pastor Todd will follow this with a brief introduction to how sound and video from the service interacts with the e/Gathering Church, as well as ways you can be involved in helping there.

7. PREPARING FOR SUNDAY SCHOOL: We will be discussing how to prepare a lesson to teach a class and the importance of prayer and some practical things such as:
1. Assign people jobs
2. How to put a lesson together
3. Bible Passages & Prayer

8. INTERSECTION BIBLE STUDY METHOD: We pass through them multiple times every day. It’s a place where pathways or roads converge. Transportation arteries that may lead to divergent destinations all come together at intersections. What if we imagined our Bibles kind of like this? If we divided our Bibles into four sections, we could imagine them all coming together at an intersection. At the point where converge or intersect, there is truth. Not just any truth, but Holy Spirit-inspired, character-shaping truth. Join Pastor Paul for an in-depth conversation about the Intersection Bible Study Method. We will discuss how to use this grace habit in your every-day life to grow closer to Christ and experience Holy Spirit transformation in your life.

The following teams will be meeting:
1) Stewardship Team
2) Property & Grounds
3) NYI (Youth Ministry)
4) NMI (Missions)
5) Wings (Women’s Ministry)
6) Children’s Ministry

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