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I Am the Way, Truth, and the Life by Pastor Amanda Durbin

Good Day Southside peeps and blog readers everywhere! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read our post today! Southside Church of the Nazarene is currently in a sermon series speaking to the I AM passages in scriptures, and I have been asked to share a little about who I AM as a blogger and staff member of the church.

I am a wife, a mother, a teacher and a pastor. I love being the wife of Eric who is also an ordained minister working at IU Health as a Chaplain. We just celebrated 22 years together. Currently, I am parenting 7 children. I say currently, because at any moment, being a foster parent, our number can change. I have three biological, one adopted and three foster children who, of course, are all amazing and beautiful. My full-time job takes me to teaching my fourth year in special education for the Muncie community schools. If that isn’t tiring enough, I have also recently accepted the role as Children’s Pastor where I get to spend time sharing Jesus with little hearts and hands!

Have you seen the YouTube video circulating about the pet owner who tried her best to continue to keep a litter of kittens all together inside a taped off circle? That is a bit of what my life currently looks like! Trying to keep all my kittens in a row in every aspect of my multifaceted life has its moments of challenges, and its fair share of rewards. Life can suck the life right out of you… right??!! Sometimes I forget which direction is up and which is down! I will have to admit, I am completely directionally challenged. My own family lovingly (I hope) jokes that I can get lost in a paper bag! Google Maps is my best friend and goes with me on every trip (which by the way, with 7 kids, is unlimited).

With juggling all of my responsibilities, having quality time to spend with my Savior becomes vitally important. For quite a few people, and even myself early in my ministry, this quality time is the first to suffer. This week in our intersections, Jesus says “I am the way, the resurrection and the Life.” I’ve found that the more quality time I spend with Jesus in His word, in prayer and in his presence in meditation, or quiet reflection, the clearer vision I had for the direction of our family and my call on my own life. I had more life, love and energy to share with those I influenced. Sometimes in life as a parent or teacher or (insert your line of work and passion here) it can seem that you are just managing one crisis after another. Google doesn’t have all the answers, trust me I have checked! Jesus is my life line, the One I turn to in times of joy and in times of sorrow. In times of confusion and in times of clear vision, He is my peace. He alone is my breath and sustenance. He is the way. When my work for Jesus here on earth is finished, my assurance is that I knew the way in which to spend eternity with Him, despite being directionally challenged, and I will hear those beautiful words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” My prayer for you my friends, is that you continue to deepen your relationship with him and will experience daily how deep, how wide, and how long His love is for you.

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