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I am the Resurection and the Life by Pastor Jennifer Coffman

This “I Am” series has been powerful, wouldn’t you agree? I am learning so much about Jesus, as layer after layer of understanding is peeled back and Jesus becomes more and more real.

When Jesus hears that Lazarus is dying in John chapter 11, He didn’t run to His friend’s side. He stayed where He was for two days, before He finally decided to go to Lazarus and his sisters, Mary and Martha. When Jesus finally arrived in Bethany, Laz had been dead for four days. Mary and Martha had distinctively different reactions to Jesus’ arrival . . . Martha was stoic and matter-of-fact while Mary was emotional and weepy. Yet their words were the same: “If You had only been here, my brother would not have died.”

It is during the conversation with Martha that Jesus reassures her that Lazarus will live again, and reveals Himself in a brand-new way . . . as Resurrection. As Life. Notice that He is not saying that He has resurrection and life or that He understands resurrection and life. Jesus proclaims that He is resurrection and life!

Think about it this way: when Martha and Mary looked at Jesus, pouring out their grief, sharing their pain . . . they were looking at Resurrection. They were looking at Life. Up until then, Jesus had been their friend, their teacher, their rabbi. But He had not been . . . this. To be Resurrection and Life is to be power, to be time, to be energy . . . To be Resurrection and Life is to be the very source of every. single. thing.

That’s our Jesus.

I can’t wait until Sunday, to learn more and hear more about what Jesus was saying in that moment. As we approach Sunday, let’s pray together that we will continually respond to Christ the way Martha did: “I believe that you are the Messiah . . . the Son of God.” Amen.

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