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Free Bird by Pastor Jennifer Coffman

Oh my goodness, dear friends – have you read today’s psalm? Check out the Message version:

If GOD hadn’t been for us
—all together now, Israel, sing out!—
If GOD hadn’t been for us
when everyone went against us,
We would have been swallowed alive
by their violent anger,
Swept away by the flood of rage,
drowned in the torrent;
We would have lost our lives
in the wild, raging water.
Oh, blessed be GOD!
He didn’t go off and leave us.
He didn’t abandon us defenseless,
helpless as a rabbit in a pack of snarling dogs.
We’ve flown free from their fangs,
free of their traps, free as a bird.
Their grip is broken;
we’re free as a bird in flight.
GOD’s strong name is our help,
the same GOD who made heaven and earth.

Can’t you just hear Esther, Mordecai, and the Jewish nation proclaiming these words of praise to the God who rescued them? And can you identify yourself? God didn’t go off and leave us – He didn’t abandon us. God – the same God who made heaven and earth – He is our help, and our refuge.

I don’t know what you are dealing with on this Thursday . . . but know this: the same God who set the captives free from Egypt, sets you free from your sin. The same God who delivered Esther from the clutches of her enemy, delivers you from the clutches of addiction. The same God who sought the Israelites while in their captivity, seeks you wherever you are. The same God who poured out love on the cross, pours out love in your life. This is love so amazing, so divine.

Be blessed today, dear friends. You are loved.

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