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Intersections by Pastor Jennifer Coffman

We made it to Friday! What connections did you find this week? How did the sacred reading intersect with your heart?

I think my favorite thread through the scriptures was “The Way.” Jesus admonished the disciples to focus on God’s way, not their own. James reinforced that thought by reminding us that The Way is confession and prayer. Esther knew The Way was to seek mercy and grace for her people – even at great cost to herself. And the psalmist knew that God’s way is greater and mightier and better than anything else.

Sometimes we look at our situations in life as if we only have one of two options – plan A or plan B. What if God’s plan is altogether different? What if The Way is completely unique? What if God desires to show His wonder? What if we sacrifice something good to get something better? What if we sacrifice something better to get something amazing?

God is eager to show us more than we could ever think or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). Jesus knew that. James knew that. Esther knew that. The psalmist knew that. Do you?

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