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Forgiveness by Jane Miller

Amos 5:6-7, 10-15

Have you ever felt too far gone? Too far gone for your friends to accept you, too far gone for your boss to keep you… too far gone for God to love you.

When my children were still home I taught and also worked at a shoe store. The store had two big sales in a year and they were crazy busy. Customers would call and we would send them the shoes they wanted. Well, I had a pretty big shipment to send out to one such customer. After it was sent and out of the store however, I realized I had sent the wrong shoes! I’m not sure why but the manager let me stay on, but I had been sure I would lose my job.

Amos, the prophet announced to the people that they were extorting their kinsmen, cheating them and then using their money to show off. In verse seven he says, “you people are doomed.”

Fortunately for the remnant of Israel and us, that is not how the story ends. God promised to forgive them and give them life, if they would turn to Him and do the right thing.

As you think about all the times you’ve made mistakes, try to focus on the forgiveness offered. Our Father loves us more than we can imagine and I am glad He does.

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  1. I really appreciate your take on Amos

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