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Why Do We Take Communion Each Week?

Here are 3 reasons why we take communion every Sunday at SouthSide:

  1. The Bible tells us to take Communion: in Acts 2:42, we see communion listed as a central piece of Christian worship. The four activities listed here are not four separate things but the four elements that characterized a Christian gathering. One of the key things the early church “devoted” itself to was the “breaking of bread,” i.e. the Lord’s Supper. The wording suggests that each of these activities occurred when they gathered.
  2. Communion reminds us the Jesus is the center of our worship service, not the sermon or the music. We all are invited to come to His Table. When we take Communion we are reminded of His death, resurrection, and return, but we are also responding to the Gospel, recommitting our lives to His Kingdom. In the early church, people responded to communion, by proclaiming that “Jesus is Lord”.
  3. The Nazarene manual defines Communion as a means of grace, a transformative act where we encounter the transforming, loving, healing Presence of Jesus. If Communion changes more like Jesus, then why wouldn’t we want to take Communion as often as we could. John Wesley took Communion every day!

If you have questions about Communion, please see any of our amazing Pastors.

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