The Journey

Welcome to the Journey—A sacred process of spiritual formation

Spiritual formation – the journey of being shaped into the likeness of Jesus Christ for the sake of others.

We walk this Journey together—pursuing Jesus, becoming disciples.  We begin with Grace—learning habits of faith that become our foundation.  We learn to Gather—understanding who we are and what we do as a people.  Then we Grow—in the Word, in our study.  We learn to Give—in all our ways, becoming people who care.  Finally, we Go—into our neighborhoods, our community, and our world.   

Join us on the Journey.  Take your time.  Enjoy the connection.  Live in community.  Reflect on your relationship.  And as you seek God, you will find Grace . . . You will Gather . . . You will Grow . . . You will Give . . . You will Go.  

Mile One:  Grace Habits

The purpose of Grace Habits is to uncover the foundation of the faith journey—what we read, who we talk to, how we live, what we do. 

Milestones Include:

  • 101:  How to Study the Bible (8 sessions)
  • 102:  The Theology of Love (a background in Wesleyan holiness—4 sessions)
  • 103:  Prayer & the Psalms (8 sessions)
  • 104:  Outward Sign and Inward Grace—a study of the sacraments (10 sessions)
  • 105:  Essential Beliefs (6 sessions)

Mile One is complete in 36 sessions. 

Mile Two:  Gather

Develop skills as servant leaders as you learn about your own very special gifts, listen as God teaches you to use them, and respond to His call in your everyday life.

Milestones Include: 

  • 201—Discovering My Spiritual Gifts (4 sessions)
  • 202—Grace-Full Leadership (8 sessions)
  • 203—Coffee Shop Theology (8 sessions)
  • 204—Reaching Generation Next (8 sessions)
  • 205—Elective based on spiritual gifts

There are 28 required sessions for this level.  The elective course could be 8—12 sessions

Mile Three: Grow

Growing in our journey means we need to understand who God is, and who we are in relation.  For that information we turn to the Bible—the Word of God.   We learn how the Bible was formed, what is contained in its pages, and how the stories and instructions we find within it shape us as the people of God. 

Milestones Include:

  • 301: How we got our Bible (6 sessions)
  • 302:  Basic Bible Themes (5 sessions)
  • 303:  The Story of God (8 sessions)
  • 304:  New Testament Elective
  • 305:  Old Testament Elective

Mile Three is a minimum of 19 sessions, plus electives.

Mile Four: Give

This level is designed to fan the flame of desire to help others—something God has already planted within us.  Justice and mercy are available to everyone in God’s plan—and He uses His people to deliver them.  Here we will discover how to see His work and ways to be involved in it.

Milestones Include:

  • 401: Compassion: a Reflection of the Christian Life (10 sessions)
  • 402: Compassionate Ministries Theological Foundation (8 sessions)
  • 403: Missional Essentials (12 Sessions)
  • 404: Beyond Sunday (7 sessions)
  • 405: Elective (optional)

Mile Four is a minimum of 37 sessions

Mile Five:  Go

This level is a for those who want to work in the ministry but do not feel called to vocational ministry.  You will receive a “Certificate of Lay Training” from the Church of the Nazarene and be considered a lay minister.  

Milestones Include:

  • Communicating the Gospel
  • History and Polity
  • John Wesley’s Theology
  • New Testament Study
  • Old Testament Study
  • Spiritual Formation.

Each course within the Lay Training is 12 sessions. 

You are here:  Specialty Milestones

 Milestone Name:  Number Required Courses:  Number Elective Courses:
 Adult Worker  21  4
 Children’s Worker  20  0
 Compassionate Ministry  0  9
 Faith Sharing Strategies (Evangelism)  0  5
 Membership  1  0
 Men’s Ministries  0  5
 Sunday School Superintendent  5  4
 Stewardship  0  5
 Theological & Doctrinal Studies  0  5
 Women’s Ministries  0  5
Youth Worker  20  0


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